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Second annonce of 7th PACOM

Second annonce of 7th PACOM

From the desk of the President of the African Mathematical Union (AMU)

It’s with a great pleasure that I invite the African mathematical community to participate at the 7th Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians to be held from Monday 3rd to Saturday 8th of August 2009 in Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire under the theme
“New trends in the Development and the applications of Mathematical Sciences”.
PACOM, which is a major scientific event for mathematicians in the African continent and beyond, is organised every 4 years under the auspices of AMU in order to depict the state of the art of mathematical sciences and to address issues of interest to Africa, bringing together mathematicians from different countries, specialities, backgrounds and ages.
This year’s edition will be locally organised by the Société Mathématique de Côte d’Ivoire (SMCI), with the active participation of various Ivorian Universities which jointly offered a generous support in order to ensure a successful congress. Along with rich and diversified academic programme, including lectures, presentation of research papers, posters, exhibitions, symposia and round-tables, the AMU will hold its General Assembly which will deliberate on the programme of activities for the coming years and elect a new executive committee.
Côte D’Ivoire has been elected to host the congress for a variety of reasons; above all the quality of its mathematicians, the proved competence in organising high profile international events and of course the hospitality of its people and the rich historical heritage that will certainly endow the stay of the participants with a much appreciated cultural facet.
In addressing Mathematical Sciences Developments and Trends, the organisers aim to deal with issues that are relevant to the African continent, such as:
• New trends and developments in methodologies. This might include expanding existing methods, combining existing methods, changing emphases on existing methods, etc;
• New trends and developments in concerns about the outcomes of mathematics research;
• New trends and developments in mathematical research funding;
• New trends and development in research issues. This might include new kinds of research questions, new kinds of recipients of mathematical research, new content, new collaborative activities, etc.
• New trends and developments in conceptualizing the field of mathematical research as a discipline in relation to other fields (among others, natural sciences, health, genomics, ICT etc.);
• New trends and developments in how evolving theoretical frameworks bring on new research directions.
This is the general context of this PACOM, which I’m honoured to introduce. It is a very important event as it will provide an ideal ground for making known the African scientific production in the field of Mathematics and expose the latest research results of leading mathematicians in the world. In addition, the congress will facilitate interaction, networking and above all mutual understanding within our community. My hope is to witness, thanks to the congress, a qualitative and quantitative rise of collaborative activities involving African mathematicians.
In this edition of PACOM, AMU and the Ivorian organisers are making their best endeavours to encourage African mathematicians to take part in the congress, targeting especially young mathematicians, to whom preferential financial conditions are provided.
All the African mathematical community is wholeheartedly welcome to attend and contribute to the success of PACOM 2009, for the benefit of education, research and ultimately the development of our mother continent, Africa.
Come and join us in Yamoussoukro (Côte d’Ivoire) for PACOM 2009.

Prof. Dr. Abderrahman BOUKRICHA
President of the African Mathematical Union

Second Announcement

The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to attend the Seventh Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians in Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire, August 03 - 08, 2009.

His Excellency, Mister Laurent GBAGBO, the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, has personally expressed a most cordial welcome to all participants.

The congress will be held under the auspices of the African Mathematical Union (AMU) in cooperation with the Société Mathématique de Côte d’Ivoire (SMCI) and the Institut National Polytechnique Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY (INP-HB) of Yamoussoukro.

This announcement describes the Congress and gives related informations. It explains how to register and how to submit a short communication or a poster representation. It also contains the necessary forms for securing accommodation during the congress.

Address of the Congress
PACOM 2009 Phone: 00225 22 44 36 34
C/o. Prof. Saliou TOURE E mail: pr_stoure@yahoo.fr26

Université de Cocody
08 B.P. 2030 Abidjan 08 Web: www.smci-copam2009.org27
République de Côte d’Ivoire


June 15th, 2009 Submission of abstracts for
Plenary Lectures
Invited Lectures
Contributed research papers (short communications)
Posters Session
June 30th, 2009 Hotel Reservation
June 15th, 2009 Application for participation’s grant for African mathematicians
June 30th, 2009 Registration
June 30th, 2009 Submission of manuscripts of
Invited lectures and plenary lectures for the proceedings
For contributed research papers


A. Location of the congress
A.1 Venue
A.2 The Pre-Congress General Assembly
A.3 The Congress
A.4 Deadlines
A.5 The Organizers

B. Scientific Programme
B.1 Opening and closing Ceremonies
B.2 Plenary Lectures
B.3 Invited Lectures in parallel Sessions
B.4 Short Communications and Posters

C. Events of general mathematical Interest
C.1 Symposium
C.2 Panel discussion
C.3 Book Exhibitions
C4 Mathematics Prizes (Miss Mathématique Côte d’Ivoire)

D. Publication and Computer displays and Video
D.1 Programme with list of Participants
D.2 Abstracts
D.3 Proceedings
D.4 Daily News

E. Social Programme
E.1 AMU 2009 Celebratory Dinner
E.2 Country dances
E.3 Tourist Programme

F. Travel and Accommodation
F.1 Passport and Visas
F.2 Arrival in Abidjan or in Yamoussoukro
F.3 Local Transportation
F.4 Official transporter (Air Ivoire and Royal Air Maroc)

G. Mail and Messages
G.1 Mail
G.2 Public e-mail Service

H. Miscellaneous Information’s
H.1 Official Languages
H.2 Invitation Letter
H.3 Climate and Clothing
H.4 Electric Current
H.5 Bank services
H.6 Credit cards
H.7 First Aid, Health and Accident Insurances

I. Registration
I.1 Congress Participant (membership)
I.2 Accompanying Persons
I.3 Registration
I.4 Registration Fees
I.5 Method of Payments
I.6 Registration counter

J. Accommodation
J.1Student Dormitories
J.2 Hotels

A. Location of the Congress

Considered as the economical chest of West Africa, Côte d’Ivoire exercises a great magnetism on each visitor because of the diversity of its landscape altering between the deep green of the southern forest, the red ocher’s ground of the center with the goldenness of the northern savanna. This country swinging between tradition and modernity will make you enjoy the beauty of urban and total disorientation.
Independent since August 8, 1960, Côte d’Ivoire has about sixty ethnic groups and seventeen millions inhabitants. Its political capital is Yamoussoukro with (hundred thousand people) and its economical capital is Abidjan with five million people.
The country is rich of its cultural diversity which makes it a melting pot society of Africa. The official language is French and its currency is Franc CFA.

Here is a non exhaustive list of sites to see in Yamoussoukro.
- Basilic Notre Dame de la Paix ;
- Residence of the first President and his family vault;
- The Fondation Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY pour la Recherche de la Paix ;
- The Lake of sacred crocodiles;
- The Institut National Polytechnique Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY ;
- The House of Senators;
- The House of PDCI- RDA.
After the crisis it went through, Côte d’Ivoire is regaining its economical, scientific, and diplomatic leadership.
Despite all the rumors, there is no problem about the security of people and properties.

A.1 Venue

Yamoussoukro, the political capital of Côte d’Ivoire, is the venue of the Congress.
The Institutions hosting the congres are the Fondation Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY pour la Recherche de la Paix and the Institut National Polytechnique Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY.

A.2 The Pre-Congress General Assembly

Every African country is expected to send a delegation of at most three mathematicians to the General Assembly which will take place on Sunday August 02, 2009.

A.3 The Congress

All activities of the Congress, except where indicated otherwise, will be conducted at the INP-HB.

A.4 The organizers

The International Organizing Committee (IOC)

The International Organizing Committee is the following:

- A. BOUKRICHA, AMU President;
- N. EL YACOUBI, AMU Secretary General;
- D. KARANGWA, AMU Treasurer;
- H.N. ISMAIL, AMU Vice-President, North African Region;
- E. DESQUITH, AMU Vice-President, West African Region;
- M. EL DOMA, AMU Vice-President, East African Region;
- H. SIWEYA, AMU Vice-President, Southern African Region;
- D. BEKOLLE, AMU Vice-President, Central African Region;
- F. REBBANI, AMU Executive Member;
- H. TOURE, AMU Executive Member;
- M. O. CADETE, AMU Executive Member;
- V. SEMBATIYA, AMU Executive Member;
- A.O. KUKU, AMU Honorary President;
- S. TOURE, AMU Honorary President.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

President : Prof.Saliou TOURE
President of the Mathematical Society of Côte d’Ivoire (MSCI)
President of the International University of Grand-Bassam

Coordinator of the Secretariat: Prof. Etienne DESQUITH
AMU Vice-President, West African Region
IRMA, University of Cocody-Abidjan
08 BP 2030 Abidjan 08 (Côte d’Ivoire)
Cel. (+ 225) 01 33 78 28
E-mail : desquith@hotmail.com28

Assistant-Coordinator: Prof. Kinvi KANGNI
UFRMI, University of Cocody Abidjan, 22 BP 582 Abidjan. 22
(Côte d’Ivoire). Cel. (+ 225) 07 83 93 98
E-mail: kangnikinvi@yahoo.fr29

Members of the Secretariat
- S. DOUMBIA (University of Cocody);
- M. BINATE (Ministère de l’Education Nationale);
- A. COULIBALY (University of Cocody);
- Y. GONDO (University of Cocody);
- E. GUISSO (University of Cocody);
- K. KANGNI (University of Cocody);
- K. KOUA (University of Cocody);
- S. TRAORE (University of Cocody).

B. Scientific Programme

The AMU Executive Committee and the Organization Committee have invited distinguished mathematicians from the African continent and abroad to give plenary and invited lectures and to contribute to symposia, panel and round table discussions.
The detailed Programme will be made available on the website and on arrival.

B.1 Opening and closing ceremonies

The official opening and closing ceremonies of PACOM 2009 will take place at the Fondation Félix HOUPHOUET-BOIGNY pour la Recherche de la Paix, respectively on Monday, August 03, 2009 and Saturday, August 08, 2009.

The opening will include the presentation of the Côte d’Ivoire Miss Mathématique Prizes.

Details will appear on the website.

B.2 Plenary Lectures

It is crucial that mathematical knowledge is appreciated as one of the cornerstones for Africa’s development. All plenary speakers are therefore urged to make their lectures comprehensible to a wide spectrum of mathematicians and to emphasize the relevant of mathematics to real world problems. The following people have accepted to give a plenary lecture:

. Bernard HODGSON (Faculté des Sciences et de Génie, Université de Laval);
. Aderemi O. KUKU (Mathematics Coordinator at the Miramare ICTP in Trieste, Italy);
.Ahmed DJEBBAR (Université des Sciences et des Technologies de Lille, France)
. Mohamed El DOMA (Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Khartoum);
. Andreas DRESS (Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
. Paulus GERDES (University of Maputo, Mozambique);
. Kinvi KANGNI (UFR de Mathématiques et Informatique, Université de Cocody - Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire) ;
. Zhi-Ming MA (Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Beijing).
. Youssef OUKNINE (Université de Marrakech, Maroc) ;
. Jean Paul PIER (Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg) ;
. RAMM A. G. (Kansas State University, USA) ;
. Hamad YEHIA (Mathematics Department Mansoura University, Mansoura Egypt);
. Michel WALDSCHMIDT (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, France).

B.3 Invited Lectures in Parallel specialized sessions

The Invited Lectures will be given simultaneously in several lectures rooms at INP-HB. The list of sections is as follows:


1- Topology and Differential Geometry

2- Algebra and Number Theory

3- Lie Group and Representation Theory
4- Harmonic Analysis

5- Real and Complex Analysis

6- Probability and Mathematical Statistics

7- Operator Algebra, Functional Analysis

8- Stochastic Analysis

9- Partial Differential Equations (PDE)

10- Mathematical Physics

11- Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing and Engineering Sciences

12- Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science

13- Mathematics Education, Epistemology and Popularization of Mathematics

14- History of Mathematics

15- Epidemiological Modeling-Biomathematics, Biostatistics and Geo-statistics.

The precise number of talks in each session and the coordinators will be provided later at the web site.
The definitive number of topics will be arranged/reduced in relation to the number of participants.

B.4 Short Communications and Posters

Participants of PACOM 2009 will have the opportunity to present their mathematical work in the form of short communication or a Poster provided that they adhere to the deadline in Second Announcement.

Authors presenting a poster are advised to bring the material of the poster with them. The abstract for a short communication or a poster must include the appropriate section number (see B.3) and 2000 AMS Classification number. Abstract may be submitted in English or in French.

C. Events of general mathematical interest

C.1 Symposium

A symposium on:

E-Learning, Diffusion and Popularization of the Scientific Knowledge in Africa. will be held.

C.2 Panel discussion

Special sessions will be organized on:

1. Perspective to support and improve electronic information in Africa.

2. Round table on Mathematical competitions (Rallyes, Championships, Clubs, Kangourou..) animated by l’Association des Professeurs de l’Enseignement Public (APMEP) and the Comité International des Jeux Mathématiques (CIJM).

3. Mathematical Education

4. Role of African mathematicians of the Diaspora on the intensification of collaboration efforts in developing mathematical knowledge in Africa.
This panel which includes representatives of Mathematical Societies outside Africa is expected to set an Agenda for fruitful Collaboration with our continent.

C.3 Book Exhibitions
Books, educational media, and computer software exhibits will be located in the main conference Area.

C.4 Mathematics Prize (Côte d’Ivoire Miss Mathématique)

At the occasion of PACOM 2009, SMCI will award Ivorian young secondary school girls to encourage them in their mathematical studies.
Further details about Section C will be provided on the website.

D. Publication and Computer displays and Videos

D.1 Programme with list of participants

All participants will receive copies of the official PACOM 2009 programme. The programme will show in detail the dates, times and locations of all Plenary and Invited Lectures. It will also contain a complete listing of all short communications and Posters presentation. The programme will also contain a list of all participants including their mailing addresses.

D.2 Abstracts

Abstracts of Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures, short Communications and Posters should be written in English or French and should have the following form:
- Section Number (B-3 and B-4)
- 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification Number
- Name and Affiliation of Author(s)
- Title
- Abstract text (no more than 120 words).

Abstract can be submitted as an attachment to e-mail or by ordinary mail to the Congress Address.
Electronic submission is strongly recommended.

D.3 Proceedings

Plenary and Invited Lectures as well as accepted Short Communications of Congress participants will be published in a special edition of Afrika Matematika, the official journal of the AMU.

D.4 Daily News

A newsletter containing programme changes, announcement of informations of general interest to the PACOM 2009 participants will be available each day outside the meeting rooms in the hall of the main congress venue.
Participants with announcements for the newsletter should submit them to the conference office no later than 15h 00 the day before.

E. Social Programme

E.1 AMU 2009 Celebratory Dinner

Details to follow
(Participants are encouraged to wear national clothing).

E.2 Tourist Programme

(See the details in our Website).
For Pre-and Post – Congress periods and one day during the congress, guided tours will be organized to provide an opportunity to appreciate the exquisite African culture.

E.3 Activities for Accompanying Persons

Accompanying, whether registered on not, are welcome to participate in all activities of the social programme. They are invited to take part in the informal tours on foot and the formal local tours. However, only registered accompanying persons can attend the opening ceremony and the opening reception and in the celebratory dinner.

F. Travel

F.1 Passport and Visas

Valid passports and entry visas are required to visit Côte d’Ivoire. Visa may not be required for visitors from certain countries, and congress participants are advised to consult the nearest Ivorian Diplomatic Mission for details. Once in Côte d’Ivoire, the congress participants are advised to carry their passports on them at all time, because the passports may be needed to check into hotels, book airlines tickets, and change money. To apply for visas, congress participants should first fill out and send in the registration form (see attached) with the appropriate registration fees. The congress will then send a formal invitation via airmail with which the congress participants can apply for a visa at the Ivorian Diplomatic Mission. This application should be made preferably sufficiently early (at least three months) before departure for Côte d’Ivoire to allow time for processing.
Alternatively, congress participants may ask their travel agents to arrange their travel to Côte d’Ivoire and obtain a tourist visa inspective of whether or not they have registered with congress secretariat.

F.2 Arrival in Abidjan or in Yamoussoukro

Abidjan can mainly be reached by air. The congress organizers will meet you at the Felix Houphouet-Boigny International Airport unless you have requested otherwise. It is also possible for participants from Côte d’Ivoire neighboring countries to arrive at Abidjan and Yamoussoukro by road.

F.3 Local transportation

Participants will be transported between the hotels reserved by the LOC (Local Organization Committee) and the congress Venue. This transport will only be available in the morning to the Venue and in late afternoon after the last official activity. Rental cars, City buses and Taxis are other means of transport.

F.4 International travel to Abidjan

Air Ivoire and other Airways Companies have generously offered a discount of ……to the Congress participants between Abidjan and any place serviced by these companies.

G. Mail and Messages

G.1 Mail

All mail, Telegrams, and faxes for persons attending the congress should be addressed for Name of the participant at:

PACOM 2009 Phone: 00225 22 44 36 34
C/o. Prof. Saliou TOURE E mail: pr_stoure@yahoo.fr30
Université de Cocody
08 B.P. 2030 Abidjan 08 Web: www.smci-copam2009.org31
République de Côte d’Ivoire
Incoming items will be posted at the conference office in the main building.

G.2 Telephone Message

For urgent message to a participant, call:
Phone : 00225 22 44 36 34

G.3 Public E-Mail Services

During the congress days public e-mail service will be available to participants of PACOM 2009. For this, a mail server and some client computers are offered in the INP-HB.

H. Miscellaneous Information

H.1 Official Languages

English and French are the official languages of the congress.

H.2 Invitation Letter

An official Invitation Letter will be sent by the Organizing Committee upon request (see the registration form). This personal invitation is intended only to facilitate participant’s travel and visa arrangements.

H.3 Weather and clothing

Côte d’Ivoire enjoys a tropical climate. So, travel to the country with light clothes.

H.4 The electric current

The AC power is 220V. Please note that adapters may be necessary.

H.5 Bank Services

CFA is the only currency used in Côte d’Ivoire. Money exchanges by cash or traveler’s cheques can be made at the Banks in Abidjan, International Airports, and Hotels.

H.6 Credit Cards

Credit cards such as American Express, Dinner Club, Master and Visa are accepted for payment at hotels or tourist stores…

H.7 First aid, Health and Accident Insurances

The congress fee does not include insurance for the participants against accidents, sickness, or loss of personal property. All participants are strongly advised to make necessary arrangements for short term health and accident insurance in advance. In any case, the organizers refuse all liability to cover health or accident expenses of participants.
During the congress, first Aid will be available in the INP-HB

I. Registration

I.1 Congress Participants

Registration is required in order to be admitted to the scientific programme of the congress. Congress participants will receive a registration package including a congress badge, the program, an abstract book, and other material at the registration counter.
Please do wear your congress badge at all congress activities or whenever you want to be recognized as a congress member, in any case, be prepared to show the badge when asked to do so.
Students not having completed their PhD may register at the reduced student rate by supplying an official student certificate of their university. Student registration will included the Proceedings volume, thanks to the supports from the Ivorian Government.

I.2 Accompanying persons

Only registered accompanying persons are entitled to attending the Opening, Ceremony, the Celebrating Dinner and the Refreshment Breaks.

I.3 Registration

There are possible ways for PACOM 2009 registration. You may register electronically at the following registration site on line: www.smci-copam2009.org32
Alternatively, you may complete the attached registrations form and return it to the address of the Congress.

I.4 Registration Fees
All participants will have to pay their Registration Fees at the following rates:
Normal: US $ 80
Students (working for their Ph. D): US $ 40
After June 30th, 2009: US $ 100

I.5 Methods of Payment

All fees must be paid in hard currency by bank transfer, bank draft or credit card. Currency exchange charges or bank service fees are the money sender’s responsibility.
If they are not paid or have occurred during money transfer, they will be charged upon registration at the registration desk.
The bank account of the congress is:

Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie de la Côte d’Ivoire (BICICI):
Société Mathématique de Côte d’Ivoire (SMCI), Account number :
A 0006 01739 0077 007 00081 30

A duplicate or photocopy of the remittance order from the bank should be sent with the registration form to the Congress Address. The name of the participant as well as details of payment should be clearly marked.

I.6 Registration Counter

The registration counter will be set up in the congress venue INP-HB. More details will be given at the website.

J. Accommodation

In case you have not secured your Hotel reservation, please contact the Local Organizing Committee at the address indicated previously.

J.1 Student dormitories

Student dormitories in INP-HB will be available for student participants during PACOM 2009.

J.2 Hotels
The Local Organizing Committee will reserve Hotel rooms for all invited speakers and supported participants. More informations about Hotel reservation will be available on the Web Site.

Selected Hotels in Yamoussoukro

Hôtels in Yamoussoukro

Name Rate in Euro (€) Characteristics
AKRAYA 24. 00 Full Comfort

20. 00 Air conditioned;
without hot water
ATTOUNGBLAN 31. 00 Full Comfort
ELDORADO 23. 00 Full Comfort
GNANGONDON 23. 00 Full Compfort
PHENIX 22. 00 Full comfort
PRESIDENT 61. 00 - 77.00 Full comfort
RESIDENCE AHO 28.00 Full comfort
RESIDENCE BERAH 54.00 Full comfort
ROYAL 31.00 Full comfort
VILLA DES HÔTES 54.00 Full comfort

Full comfort means: Air Condition + TV + Hot Water

(*) Approximative costs (in Euro) of meals in the hotels

- Breakfast: 4.00
- Diner: 6.00 – 9.00

- Breakfast: 16.00
- Diner: 23.00
For individual room reservation in hotels, please contact the organizers (see page 15).
More information about hotel reservation will be available on the website of PACOM 2009.

J.3 Liability

Note that the Congress does not provide Health Insurance for participants and will not pay any compensation for any damage, loss of personal properties, accidents, personal injury. Therefore each participant is encouraged to get his own Insurance covering the whole period of the Congress.

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